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Godot Game Jam [12-2016/01-2017]

Godot Core is 2.2-alpha_custom build (At submit time I used 2.2 legacy branch)

You play a broken robot. The idea is to beat the timer. Abuse the bugs in the level as the game is build that way. Get from the first button to the second button, just follow the platforms...

Keys: a - d or left - right arrows: Move the player. Space bar: Jump. e: use (to press buttons), esc: To show menu (this is bugged so goodluck :P)

*If the buttons bug out maximize the window.

** Added a dropbox file that contains a Custom Linux 64 bit build of the engine.

GitHub repo: https://github.com/MJ-meo-dmt/godot-gamejam

! Disclaimer! Use all pre-build files at own risk!

Made by: MJ-meo-dmt, Heppy1999

Install instructions

Download the correct build client for your platform. Either Linux 64 or Windows 64.

To run the game using source code make sure you have a custom build of Godot Engine. As the game was build using a 2.2alpha_custom build. (At submit time I used 2.2 legacy branch)

*Maximize the window if the buttons bug out.


Hackbot_linux_64.7z 5 MB
Hackbot_windows_64.7z 8 MB
Hackbot_godot-gamejam-master-Source-Code.zip 1 MB
Custom Engine build linux 64 bit


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